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Anti-Shoplifting Systems

Gain full control and achieve maximum security in your store through the latest advanced technologies.

Smart and Seamless Protection and Security

Shoplifting is one of the most common problems that many retails may have to deal with on a continuous basis. Because of that, many companies hired security personnels that would inspect customers upon entry and exit but this has proven to be inefficient and can damage the trust between the potential customers and your brand. To solve that, anti-shoplifting systems has been developed to be seamlessly integrated into retail stores.

Akil Security and Alarm systems provides advanced solutions that integrates into your retail providing you with maximum security and gives your customers a seamless shopping experience without interruptions. You can trust our systems because we guarantee:

Top Reliability

100% detection rate without any possibility for false alarms

Seamlessly integrated

Can be used in any type of retail on any type of sold material

Simplicity of installation

Variety of solutions that insures the complete ease of installation

Complete packages

Integrated systems that can be tailored for simple to complex solutions
Our full range of solutions incorporates the latest and most advanced devices that are proven and tested for the most rigorous global quality standards. Our devices are technically advanced, yet very flexible and easy to setup and integrate.

Our range contains but not limited to

  • Hard tages
  • Electronic labels
  • Detachers
  • Attached tags
  • Electronic scanners
  • And more
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