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Online Vehicle tracking

Dramatically boost your fleet efficiency through a state-of-art Vehicle Tracking System.

Reliable Enterprise Level Tracking Software

Managing a fully fledged fleet of vehicles is a very resource and time consuming process that every company has to make. In addition to that, how the fleet is managed greatly influences the efficiency of costs, travel time, and more. The efficiency of your vehicle fleet can be your winning edge when trying to top competition. That’s why an implementation of a vehicle tracking systems should always be implemented to help analyze and control the vehicles.


Akil Security and Alarm System can equip your fleet with an advanced system that lets you seamlessly track your fleet. Beside that unparalleled quality of service and support what differentiates our systems are:

Top Accuracy

Precise tracking with state-of-art hardware linked to advanced software

Ease of Use

Seamless experience that provides a unique user experience

Top Flexibility

Tailored solutions made to fit any requirement no matter how simple or complex


Can be easily setup, integrated and maintained on your fleet
We offer top class web-hosted fleet management solutions that locates vehicles, manages the lifecycle of the vehicles and more. Our systems includes an in-vehicles devices that are used to track them wirelessly.

  • Wireless tracking
  • Vehicles lifecycle
  • Route Management
  • Route analysis and prediction
  • Hardware Kit
  • GPS tracking
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