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The Best and Most Reliable Security and Alarm Systems

Advanced Hardware Devices empowered with State-of-Art Software Systems

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With Decades of Expertise and Experience

Our team provides businesses with the means to completely protect their physical and digital environment

Physical Security

There are many types of dangers in any public or closed environments and everything can go wrong in a moment. To protect your valuable properties, we provide the latest and most advanced physical security systems. Starting from Access control and Anti-shoplifting systems, we help you deter theft or unauthorized access. Ending with CCTV and intrusion alarm systems, we enable you to timely detect and act upon any immediate danger.

Physical Security Services

CCTV Monitoring

Protect your environment with the latest and most reliable CCTV Monitoring systems

Hotel Guest Room Lock systems

Provide a convenient, seamless, and secure way to manage your hotel rooms entry and usage

Gate Barrier & Car Parking

Facilitate your premises with an autonomous and secure gate barriers and parking systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Fully protect your environment from unexpected dangers or unauthorized access.


In the digital age, everything is being shifted into computers. The network and data, being the heart of any modern business process, have also became digital and this made new kind of criminals who are called hackers/cybercriminals. Alongside protecting your company from physical dangers, We, at Akil, strive to provide the latest and most advanced anti malware systems, software and hardware firewalls, and more. With one simple goal in mind, absolute data protection.

Solution & Services

IP/ Analog Telephone

Interconnect your employees through a reliable, secure, and scalable communication systems

Online Vehicle tracking

Dramatically boost your fleet efficiency through a state-of-art Vehicle Tracking System

Server Management

We boost the efficiency of your server operation through effective monitoring procedures and preventive

Information Security Solutions

Secure Your Data With Our Latest and Most Advanced InfoSec Technologies and Proactive Techniques

Audio Paging Systems

Control your environment and be able to delivery on time notifications with our reliable solutions 

Structured Cabling

Build Your Cabling System as Efficient as Possible to Ensure Scalability, Maintainability, and Flexibility

Audio & Video Intercom

Secure your entrance and gain the ease of mind with our most advanced video & Audio intercom systems

Telephone Voice Logger

Get the most reliable way to record your important class with the highest clarity and quality

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